How to Web could not take place without the enthusiastic and helpful community that surrounds us. Thank you!

  1. andrei-pitis

    Andrei Pitis

    ANIS (Romania)

    Active angel investor and mentor to many startups, president of ANIS and associate professor at PUB. Former tech executive with 22 years of experience in tech at all levels, from open source linux kernel programming to startup co-founder to senior director of engineering and country manager.

  2. vladimir-oane

    Vladimir Oane

    uberVU (United Kingdom)

    Vladimir is a co-founder and the Chief Product Officer of uberVU, one of the most successful Romanian startups, winner of Seedcamp in 2008. He is a driven entrepreneur and a great adviser when it comes to offering feedback to newly born startups.

  3. emi-gal

    Emi Gal

    Brainient (United Kingdom)

    Emi is a co-founder and the CEO of Brainient, successful Romanian startup creating an interactive video platform. He is also a a Board Director on the board of Romanian seed fund Digital Catalyst Fund.

  4. marcin-grodzicki

    Marcin Grodzicki

    Agora SA (Poland)

    Marcin is the Head of International Business Development at Agora SA. He is a startup person and an entrepreneur at heart, having run a family business at the age of 23, and having won Seedcamp Week 2009 in London. He remains involved with the start-up scene in London and Warsaw both as a mentor and advisor.

  5. jon-bradford

    Jon Bradford

    Springboard (United Kingdom)

    Jon Bradford starts start-up accelerators and loves to help start-ups and their founders achieve their true potential. Over the last 2 years, Jon has helped to start 12 multi-company accelerators from Montreal to Moscow.

  6. radu-georgescu

    Radu Georgescu

    GECAD (Romania)

    Radu is one of the most famous Romanian serial entrepreneurs and angel investors in technology and internet ventures. He is the founder of GECAD Group with successful exits like the sale of RAV Antivirus to Microsof and the sale of Epayment to e-commerce giant Naspers, currently leading Avangate towards its US IPO.

  7. raluca-georgescu

    Raluca Georgescu

    Allegro Group (Romania)

    Raluca is the Romanian country manager of Allegro Group (part of the Naspers), one of the biggest players on the local e-commerce market. She is also one of the How to Web co-founders and founder of, a local entertainment blog.

  8. anca-greece

    Anca Foster

    Startup Weekend (United Kingdom)

    Anca is Startup Weekend's Webmaster and East-Central Europe Operations Manager. She is working on creating and growing the global startup community, focusing on post-communist countries and the way cross-sector collaboration and shared values can create a collective impact in the region.

  9. anda-gansca

    Anda Gansca

    Knotch (USA)

    Anda is the co-founder and CEO of Knotch, a mobile startup creating a new standard for opinion sharing. She previously worked in venture capital and started three non-profit organizations in Romania, Russia and the US. She graduated from Stanford with a double degree in Economics and International Relations.

  10. philipp-moehring

    Philipp Moehring

    Seedcamp (United Kingdom)

    Philipp is an associate at Seedcamp, the premier european accelerator program. He manages portfolio relations, the application and selection process, and Seedcamp’s network of mentors and partners. He works closely with all Seedcamp companies to achieve their goals and get in touch with the right people in the network.

  11. max-niederhofer

    Max Niederhofer

    Accel Partners (United Kingdom)

    Max has been working in the European technology industry for 10 years, both as an investor and an entrepreneur. Since joining Accel, he has been focusing on consumer internet, mobile, gaming and SaaS investments. He is an active angel investor in companies such as OneFineStay, Boticca, Skimlinks, and (acquired by CBS).

  12. stefan-szakal

    Stefan Szakal

    X3 (Romania)

    Stefan is the founder and CEO of X3, renowned Romanian design studio, with a team of highly specialized professionals, an impressive client list and an even more impressive award and recognition portfolio. His newest project is Ctrl-D - Romanian online magazine of design, development and digital.

  13. irina-anghel

    Irina Anghel-Enescu

    SEE Private Equity and VC Association (Romania)

    Passionate about entrepreneurship and education, Irina is the Secretary General at SEE Private Equity and Venture Capital Association, the President of the Innovation Ecosystem Commission in Romania and also the founder and CEO of an NGO aiming to catalyze entrepreneurship and innovation in EE.

  14. sean-kane

    Sean Kane

    F6S (United Kingdom)

    Sean is a co-founder of F6S, a platform for startup related conferences and programs.